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May 2, 2016


Rami bought groceries a week ago. It was a Monday – just after midnight, when he noticed the pathetic state of the residents within the refrigerator. No. The cabbage and the cauliflower. Not again. Sweet Buddha Lasagna, what have I done? What were once waxy spheres of culinary potential, carefully picked from the produce section …

April 23, 2016

Tone.js: experiment number 1


I had a great time working with the brilliant Tone.js library recently. Green Hill Zone is a small site where I’ve transcribed part of the iconic soundtrack to the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – one of my favorite collections of work by the composer Masato Nakamura. There are some other things going on, such …

April 23, 2016



A small app in the vein of whatthecommit. Darmok.me returns a random phrase from the “Tamarian” language from the Star Trek TNG episode “Darmok”. You can also get the entire array from /api, and a random single phrase from /api?random or /api/random. The easiest way to work it into a yolo commit alias or what …

April 23, 2016

Super Metroid

Ultimately, everything comes down to Super Metroid – Jason Shirey, a close friend and talented mathematician and game developer

April 22, 2016


When a stranger tells me they have cancer, when listening closely, I can feel pain and grief to a degree approaching that of hearing the news from a person in my immediate family. It’s covered, though – with very thick layers of practicality. I can tell it’s there, but it’s a quiet voice that’s easy …

April 14, 2016


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by make install, service httpd stop | rm -rf *, dragging themselves through Stack Overflow at dawn looking for an angry fix, Angular hipsters building for the ancient human-readable connection to the S3 dir in the machinery of srv/apps/night… (Adapted from “Howl” by Alan Ginsberg)

April 5, 2016

An Important Update about Rami Abraham


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A brief history About three years ago, I quit smoking. The primary item I used to assist in gradually lessening cravings to inhale the smoke generated from smoldering leaves and paper within a paper cylinder is a vegetable glycerin vaporizer: Gradually, I decreased the amount of nicotine present within the vegetable glycerin. …

March 31, 2016

Ira Glass

The tones, cadences, inflections, micro auditory gestures, plosives, phonemes, and sibilants formed by the speech of Ira Glass are things I can recall with such clarity, that’s it’s a little scary. Why, when I listen to so many other things – certainly podcasts other than This American Life included – is his voice so memorable? …

February 19, 2016

Non-hierarchical contextual tagging in lieu of directory-based arbitrary note organization

I’ve adjusted the manner by which I organize data in the note-taking apps I use. A frequent method is to organize everything into a variety of hierarchical folders, noting their primary topics of concern, and then adding any sub-directory/folder organization as needed. I’ve removed this entirely from my workflow. Instead, I use contextual keyword tags …

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